How do we get or request the newer version 1.2 of iotop (py)?

After reading through CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT error in "iotop" kernel 5.14, I found that the python version of iotop has the issue resolved via CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT error in “iotop” kernel 5.14 · Issue #21 · Tomas-M/iotop · GitHub.

I’m assuming of course that the fix doesn’t end up also require the same “workaround” of adding GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="delayacct" to /etc/default/grub

I’ve missed using iotop since moving to the 5.14 kernel and look forward to the update hitting our repositories.

What update?

The latest version is Iotop 0.6 (NEWS)

I think you mean iotop-c which is in the AUR and is currently up to date with the release version. Feel free to create an iotop-c-git VCS package if you want the latest commits.

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and here I thought I was being careful not to confuse iotop and iotop-c… and ended up confusing them anyway.

I’ll hold tight to see if the python version gets a similar update down the road… if not, I’ll replace it with the AUR iotop-c.

Thank you @Yochanan :beer:

EDIT: Oh, I see what happened. Public Git Hosting - iotop.git/commit and Public Git Hosting - iotop.git/commit “links to the fix” were really references to the fixed iotop-c, not fixes to the python version.

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