How do I upgrade vscodium?

Granted, a silly question…
What is best? Letting vscodium do that itself (it tells me there is a newer version) or through the AUR?

Personally, if i install a package through the package manager, i’d rather let it update everything, including the applications that can update themselves.


If you used the AUR to install, then you should only let it update through the AUR as well. Otherwise, your system’s package manager will be confused because it installed a specific version (e.g. 1.59.0). If you update it manually, still, pacman “thinks” this version is installed which will become a problem.

Also, the AUR installs the package globally which means that you can’t update it by itself because your start it as your own user which does not have the permission to write in the global installation folder (/usr/bin, etc)