How do I upgrade from a nvidia GPU to AMD?

Hi, I currently have a 750ti and the manjaro installation took care of installing the proprietary drivers for this card.
I’m planning on buying a RX 6500 XT and was wondering what the upgrade process is? Do I simply swap the cards and not worry about it? Should I remove nvidia drivers first? AMD doesn’t have proprietary drivers, they are open source right?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

What I did when I switched from Nvidia to AMD GPU:

  1. Uninstall the nvidia driver and power off PC
  2. Remove the nvidia card from the PC
  3. Insert the AMD GPU and power on PC

The kernel then detects your GPU as an AMD gpu and loads the amdgpu kernel driver to be used by it.


Thank you, could you tell me how to remove the nvidia driver please?

Time to invest a little bit of time reading Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro


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