How do I update winetricks?

Hi I’m new here I just joined today

I am not understanding something, when I launch winetricks I get two popups.

One that says "You are running winetricks-20200412, latest upstream is winetricks-20201206! and the other popup says

"You should update using your distribution’s package manager,-- self-update, or manually.

I used the software manager to install winetricks but not seeing the option to update.

Welcome to the Forum!

According to Branch Compare, version 20201206-1 of winetricks is in the Testing Branch at the moment.

If you want to use the package manager to update - which is the safest method - just wait for the package to reach the Stable Branch. This could happen in the next Stable Update.

If you absolutely want the latest version, you could switch to the Testing Branch using the instructions from here.

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Thank you for the reply, I will wait for the package to reach stable branch.

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