How Do I Update My System To Manjaro Linux

I’ve come to know that there’s a newer version.
Tried Sudo pacman - syyu
It says

:: Starting full system upgrade…
warning: manjaro-hello: local (0.6.7-2) is newer than extra (0.6.6-9)
there is nothing to do

I’m not a new user, using for almost a year but I know nothing about Linux. Please someone help me out. Thanks

Hi and welcome,

Manjaro is a rolling release distro.

Running systems do not follow ‘releases’ - those are just installation ISOs.

If you are on your preferred branch, your mirrors are working correctly, and you are up to date … then thats all. You have the same packages, or even newer, than what would be offered in the ISO.

Please see the wiki for an introduction to manjaro:

Please don’t take any offense. I’d like to know more in detail.
How do I check my branch?
If I want to use the latest release, do I have to download and install Manjaro again?
Also, I have a few more questions, can I ask you here?

These can mostly be answered at the link above.


pacman-mirrors -G

No. As I stated above, if you are up to date, that is the latest release.
Rolling release means you dont need to reinstall … you just update.

Generally separate questions should go in separate threads.
But as these are all very basic in nature I highly suggest you read the User Manual or Wiki for your answers before opening a new one.

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Thank you so much. Really appreciate your help. Take love.

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pacman-mirrors -G

So that means testing is the defaut branch when we install Manjaro because i’m finally in testing while i never change any repos, curious why stable is not the defaut branch after install ?
Nothing wrong with that it’s just a question
I will stay that way all works perfect, but i wonder if someone change his branch testing to stable what happen with his apps with versions are not yet in the stable repos, will they downgrade ?

Stable is the default branch for stable release ISO’s.
If you are on testing it is either because you used some other ISO or because you changed branches.

Again - these questions about changing or downgrading ar answered in the wiki.
Generally if you downgrade your mirror you should probably just wait unless you were experiencing problems.
Whenever you change mirrors you must force resync and upgrade (pacman -Syyu)
But to also include downgrades (such as in moving testing>stable) then you can add a ‘u’ (pacman -Syyuu)

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