How do I turn off the screen I have to click through to get to the login screen?

When I turn on my pc, it goes to a screen with the time, screen I have to click to get to the actual login screen. Is there a way to turn off this screen so that I instanly arrive to the login screen upon boot?

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That is the sddm login screen, but if you have to click ─ actually, moving the mouse will normally be enough ─ then it’s because you haven’t entered your password fast enough.

On my computer, when the login screen appears, the password field is already ready to receive characters, but if I wait for a number of seconds, the field will disappear, and then I have to wiggle the mouse to get it to reappear. This will then also blur the background image, and this is the normal behavior.

If you do not want the login screen to appear, then you can enable automatic login, but for security reasons, this is not advisable if your computer is a laptop.

I forgot to mention, but moving the mouse does make that first screen disappear. Since in fact it is a laptop, I don’t think automatic login is a good idea, also since this is the family computer everyone has their own user and password, so to not mess with another person’s stuff. On boot that screen used to appear before the login screen, but I just tested it again and it no longer did that, so problem solved?. However that screen still seems to appear when the pc gets waken from sleep.

No, that’s a mistake a lot of people make because the two screens look so similar. The login screen is sddm, a display manager. The lock screen is another component called kscreenlocker, and that’s what you’re seeing when the system wakes up from sleep/hibernation. :wink:

You can disable screen locking on resume by way of the System Settings, but again, for a laptop I would not advise that. :wink:

I think for now I’ll just disable the sleep timer, since this laptop hasn’t been going out lately (thx covid!) and its battery has been dead for a while so it has to run plugged in anyway. Thanks for your help!

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