How do I test out the kde-git packages?

Excuse my ignorance…

I’m currently on KDE Plasma (testing branch)…and abit itchy to test out the kde-git package (testing branch). How to update the git packages safely…(just incase something broke/or whatever reason I can safely downgrade to regular testing packages)…?


2 ways
save before update ,

or with USB iso in case , change mirror branch to Stable and do a pacman -Syyuu
beware if you have modified somes files or applied pacnew

Thank you…but I’m asking how to update from regular testing packages to kde-git testing packages…?

edit: I’m referring to kde plasma packages

Welcome to Manjaro.

Please do not clutter the testing announcement with a somewhat unrelated question - open a new thread.
There are threads either in this forum or in the archived one where people wanted to move away from -git to “normal” packages: try their solutions “backwards”.

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it’s done in unstable , not testing
in this case you should test in vm

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it is not trivial to switch from kde-git back to kde. Better use a separate install.

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You should be aware that it can cause issues before doing it but it is easily possible.

The simplest way to install plasma-git is simply with

sudo pacman -S plasma-git

The commands for reverting that is

sudo pacman -S $(pacman -Qqen plasma | grep “-git” | sed ‘s/-git//g’)
sudo pacman --asdeps -S $(pacman -Qqdn | grep “-git” | sed ‘s/-git//g’)

Do note that the second command can find more “-git” packages than you want (like from the AUR for example) so you may have to make a list of the items with

pacman -Qqdn | grep “-git” | sed ‘s/-git//g’ > gitpackages.txt

And delete wrong items out of it manually, then install them with

sudo pacman --asdeps -S $(cat gitpackages.txt)

If you’re willing to compile the stuff yourself though it is without risk and you can switch between the git version and stable when loggin in. Just follow those instructions: Get Involved/development - KDE Community Wiki


Thank you for the respond and very details step-by-step…really appreciates :+1:

sidenote: To Manjaro teams…any chances/possible you guys can add KDE-Next (Dev) as dedicated branch similar to/like what we have now with (Stable/Staging/Testing/Unstable)…one (+braveheart) can easily switch to this branch with breeze…just sudo pacman -Syyu and all normal/regular kde packages will replace with the -git packages…thank you

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That would indeed be pretty cool

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