How do I start contributing to maintaining Manjaro Packages?

I am a golang developer and I have been using Manjaro for sometime. How do I contribute to maintaining the golang package for Manjaro. I tried looking for documentation but didn’t find anything specific.
What I want to help with is: Anytime there is a new version of Go released officially I want to help update the version in the Manjaro packages.


Manjaro takes its go package directly from Arch: Arch Linux - go 2:1.17-1 (x86_64)

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I’ve edited your post title. :wink:



Thank you for the response. Are there any Manjaro specific packages that need help in maintenance. If I choose to contribute how do I get started?

but not exists go projects :cry: (matray is now with vala) - exists yay but it is not a specific project manjaro