How do I restore the default panel?

I am a dumbass. I wanted to try docks and impulsively deleted panel 0 and made a panel 1 and then hid it. But i want to go back to panel now and having a heck of a time trying to configure it to normal. The icons won’t move where I want them to and stick themselves to the left side. Does anyone have the conf files for the default ones?

You have them yourself.
They are in /etc/skel
More specifically in:
and subdirectories

To replace them from an active session is not straightforward.
You’d need to stop xfsettingsd before you do it.

pkill xfsettingsd

and restarting it after you copied/replaced the files

xfsettingsd --replace
or simply log out and back in
(I’m not quite sure about this step)

Or you could do it from a TTY while you are logged out of your graphical session.
Then the xfsettingsd will not foil your efforts.
If I where to do it, I’d do it via TTY
using a console filemanager like mc
No command line copy needed this way.

Also, if you right click the panel, select “panel” from the context menu, then go to “panel preferences”, you get a window with three tabs - the “objects” tab allows you to add and remove objects and move the present objects around by changing their order …

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Damn thanks worked for me

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