How do I reset my entire bluetooth stack to default?

I was having a weird issue with my new 8bitdo SN30 Pro gamepad, so I started installing various bluetooth-related stuff and tweaking bluetooth settings. Even though I’m using XFCE, I installed blueberry which is a fork of gnome-bluetooth because the Arch wiki said it was for all desktop environments. I also messed around in the bluetoothctl shell and I disabled my non-USB internal bluetooth adapter. Now, in all that madness, I kind of forgot exactly what else I did and I’m not sure what the packages I installed did either.

In the end, I got the original problem fixed and I know what caused it, and how to fix it if I have a fresh bluetooth stack on my computer. However, I have a new weird problem where the gamepad has crazy latency spikes and buttons seem to get “stuck” for long periods of time (like up to 5 seconds) after I’ve already released them. This was not an issue before my tweaking. Therefore, I’d like to completely reset my bluetooth stack, including deleting all special configurations.

I’ve already uninstalled blueberry and I think I uninstalled all the dependencies it installed. From what I can tell, everything should be back to normal, but it isn’t. I still have this new problem. I’m sure this is software-related since I did that weird stuff and I’m not sure what the packages did on their own on installation.

How can I reset my whole bluetooth stack to default? Like, what config files can I delete to do that? I’ve read the Arch wiki page for bluetooth and it doesn’t make this clear.

I’ve solved this!

The issue wasn’t my bluetooth stack somehow, but the gamepad’s firmware and how that firmware interacted with xpadneo, which I’d installed to solve the original problem of RetroArch taking 25 seconds to start when the gamepad was connected via bluetooth.

To fix this, I booted into a Windows 7 VM with virt-manager, put the gamepad in firmware update mode, used the 8bitdo official update software for Windows, and updated the firmware version of the gamepad from 1.33 to 1.35. Then, I still had the issues so I made blueman forget the device and I re-added it in Windows pairing mode. Everything works now. I don’t need to reset my whole bluetooth stack now.

Sorry to anyone who was researching this on my behalf. Thanks for reading.

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