How do I relinquish my laptop screen and keyboard to a Raspberry-pi?

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All my instruction simply say plug in a keyboard and monitor to R-p4, but My keyboard and monitor are being used by Manjaro.
I imagine another course of action would be to open up some sore of environment for the R-p4 inside Manjaro (this is what I assumed would happen) but there is no clear path forward.

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  1. If you have a screen for your raspi, then you could share the keyboard and mouse over the network with barrier.
  2. I don’t think the raspi can use the laptop screen, but you can stream screen of the raspi through the network over vnc.
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Well this isn’t what I expected. I assumed everyone with a Raspberry-pi were interfacing with it from their computers ie their monitor and keyboard.

Sure, if the mouse, keyboard and monitor is connected to the raspi, otherwise you have do it over the network.

I assumed that you have a laptop. There your keyboard and mouse is connected. Or is it not the case?

Most use their raspi over SSH without a screen, as a server.

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I would interface with my Raspberry Pi through SSH, but you can also connect a real monitor and real keyboard/mouse, just that what you would like to do (connecting your laptop hardware to your Raspberry Pi) is most likely not possible (maybe the screen if your laptop has a video input but I don’t even know if that exists).

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[root tip] TigerVNC over SSH - Contributions / Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum

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