How do I reinstall(clean install) manjaro using the manjaro-arm-flasher?

Hello-I am trying to reinstall manjaro on my pinebook pro with the manjaro-arm-flasher. I have read here that the correct target block device is not showing because a partition is mounted.

How do I find which partition is mounted, how do I unmounted, and which target block device do I choose?


mount |grep mmc
sudo umount /dev/mmcblk??? , probably blk2p2 , , but check(BTW, umount is correct, no “n”)
lsblk , boot0 and boot1 are on emmc, “/” is where you booted, blk1p2 probably
install to /dev/mmcblk2 ,probably
(not boot0 or boot1, they are only 4M in size)

The Manjaro ARM Flasher cannot be used to flash something to the running drive.

So boot from SD card, make sure that /boot is correctly mounted and not using the eMMC’s boot partition.
Then install and run Manjaro ARM Flasher. Now mmcblk2 should be present in the drive list.

can I use manjaro-arm-flasher to flash manjaro to an SD card and then boot from this SD card?

You sure can.

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and to boot from this SD card all I have to do is turn off the computer, insert the flashed SD card, and turn the computer on? sorry, but this is my first linux computer.

Yes. Unless you have a non-functional bootloader on the eMMC.

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