How do I manage mutliple network cards/connections?

Linux noob question here. I have two network cards in my machine:

A) 10Gb card used for daily lan/internet access
B) 1Gb card used to connect to various hardware to the machine for testing/config/debug etc.

I have two network connections created under “Connections”. When I recently had both up I renamed them so they’d be easy to identify however it doesn’t seem that the connections have any remembered relationship to a particular NIC.

Is there a way to bind a particular connection to a particular card? Are they assigned randomly?

Just to clarify (I do not know the answer): what binding criteria do you want?

Binding on which level? By criteria of:

-) apps. Example: firefox should connect via NIC1, but Chromium via NIC2
-) IP version. IPv4 via NIC1, but IPv6 via NIC2
-) IP address. 0-100.x.x.x via NIC1, but 101-255.x.x.x NIC2
-) destination country
-) Network address. LAN via NIC1, but WAN via NIC2
-) Protocol name. TCP via NIC1, but uTP, UDP, ICMP via NIC2
-) Sub-protocol name. HTTP, FTP, SMB via NIC1, but HTTPS via NIC2
-) local connect port
-) connection direction in/out
-) packet size
-) TTL of packets
-) VPN via NIC1, but non-VPN via NIC2
-) other criteria?

Basically just that the connection I have labelled 1GBASE-T will always refer to the 1Gb NIC, and the one I have labelled 10GBASE-T will always refer to the 10Gb NIC. Right now they seem to be assigned at random. When I booted this time the connection labelled 1GBASE-T is referring to the 10Gb card, when it was originally created in association with the 1Gb card:

Perhaps I am missing something about the way the “Connections” dialog is supposed to be used?

Oh, you need to bind user labels to NICs, not network connections to NICs?

I guess that sounds correct? The field in question is “Connection name:” under System Settings:

And there you have the option to Restrict to device:


Each then will have the correct assignment to the particular NIC.

Ahhh… Ok, gotcha. Thanks so much!

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