How do I install my graphics card drivers?


Okay then, I’m kind of confused around here >.< but I’ll be quick to learn. between what is tty? On that again, I recently(just an hour ago) tried to install ruby and ruby gems in manjaro because that’s what I need to install Sass compiler but seems like I broke the computer again by breaking the environment variables.
This is the tutorial I followed and it didn’t work out so when I restarted the system showed me a black screen with a small underline blinking. so I had to reinstall manjaro again, that accounts to 10 times in just one night awwww :sweat:

I am also learning ruby on rails using the Odin Project so I need it along with ruby, gem package manager

this tutorial/blog


TTY Demystified.


Do not install any package before update.


Oh crap, I installed atom editor, git, and ruby


If it didn’t break your system, then ok. But some packages require update manjaro-system first. In that case you need to do full update. Partial updates are not supported, they can break the system.


Howdo I update my system then? when I tried, it says some packages are conflicting and there’s some dependencies and other issues


There is a thread on that. Do not be hasty with that. Read carefully, try to see what problems other users had and how they solved them.


Okay, well that didn’t help as much. I guess I’m sticking to this version for now until I figure out how to work on linux & not try to mess around the system and software.


You can post details on your specific issue in separate topic and ask for help. The community is usually eager to help beginners.


OKThanks, the only problems I had where that my other screen was not turning on because of graphics driver or something and then I dont have the dev tools like pug, sass, and others installed so that’s kind of sad but I can hard code css and html that’s not a big issue >.< but it would be nice to have them because im not learning them right, so I can gofast and stuff if I had the extra software.


I think you need to step back look at what you have written go for a long walk take the advice you have been given or think seriously is a rolling release for me, or perhaps I don’t have the ability to use Manjaro at this point in time, Remember you can always come back to Manjaro if that is the case


I’m gonna learn linux and stuff now, maybe using manjaro daily and learning a new command/function a day could help me out :3

I found this website

Help getting dual monitors to work

I think the first problemis that you are installing an older ISO. For an experienced user this might work fine, but a new user getting three issues at one is a Linux overkill.

I would wait until @oberon creates a newer Deepin ISO, or install this one

Even if it has “unstable” in its name if it boots and install for you it is as good as stable on a rolling release distro. After installing edit /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf setting Branch=stable
sudo nano /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
after editing Ctrl+O to save (confirm the path and name with Enter) and Ctrl+X to exit.

After some time you will learn your Linux basics, I’m sure, because I see some real willingness. And though Deepin is not the easiest to manage its beauty is a stimulus to learn how Linux works.


Cool I’ve just finished my highschool (failed though) and I’m willing to learn a lot of things
I’ll definitely try that today, but if it doesnt work in the half of the day, I’ll go back to this stable older release as I have to finish my FCC Front End Dev project and the last day to do it is today (I’ve procrastinated enough)

also, .conf, is this just like .json? I mean like in web apps we use .json files to share data/apis and define application names &dependencies etc (node.js) is .conf file just like this? (only got this doubt because of the bool Bracnh = stable) I guess it works the same but I’m not 100% sure. :3

[edit] ugh it’s itching me, what does that do? setting the branch to stable? Does it send in upgrades when the stable version is released? or will it assume that it’s a stable version?


It points the packagemanager to download from “stable” online repository. Just see here there are unstable, testing and stable folders. The new package version first get to unstable, then to testing, then to stable with 2-3 weeks delay.

As for your question about .conf files, this is more a question a for a textbook. What does a user care about the idea behind them?


Something tells me to start poking into linux


I have to bump this, oh god, I make lots of graphics related stuff and my graphics card is not working because I can’t install a driver ugh. Please, someone help me :frowning:


Maybe you should create a new topic with detailed description of what you are trying to do and what help you need.


I thought that would make me a spammer :joy: OK, then I’ll try to do a detailed description.


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