How do i install a .deb?

i recently gotten a hold of a .deb file but i don’t know what else to do with it.

and i know there is an app called “add and remove software” but i really wanna know to install stuff manually.

actually… where do all my stuff usually get installed in??

isn’t there like a default location like a program files folder or an equvalent to it?

and how do i change what file location my apps get installed in?

sorry, im very new to this OS


. deb files are for debian systems and shouldn’t really be installed on arch based distro, I think its possible but very difficult.

If you are new to manjaro then use the pamac gui (add and remove software option) to search for and install programs. If the deb file program isn’t in the official repos then its more than likely available in the AUR, flatpak or snap options in pamac.

What is the program you want to install?


In MANJARO and ARCH based distributions have script to convert .deb packages to Arch Linux package ----- the name is “debtap” . You can find it in the AUR repositories.
READ this: How to Install Deb Package in Arch Linux - Make Tech Easier


I think that telling a newcomer to the OS, who does not know that in Arch-based systems .deb files are not normally the first choice for installation of packages, about debtap is not advisable.

OP, please consider sawdoctor’s post and also please read up more about the OS that you are now using.


Hi, welcome. You can start reading here: Manjaro It provides answers to all your basic questions.

Also since Linux is not Windows take a look at this, after reading it you will be much wiser :slightly_smiling_face:


And there’s a user’s manual on the bottom of the forum.


:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Please, please, please don’t follow @stoner’s advice and follow @sawdoctor’s and just tell us what it is you want to install. We’ll help you!

@stoner I agree with @wongs that although your answer is 100% correct, it’s also 95% dangerous if @chump114 is new to Linux in general and 90% dangerous if he’s used to Linux but new to Arch-based distros…



Ms teams

What you want to do is to:

  • Activate the AUR (please read all that including the warnings)

  • execute:

    pamac install teams

Why are we so adamant about not installing a .deb file?

  • That’s because these kinds of files are for a totally different family of Linux distros: Debian-based.
  • There is a way of installing .deb files but that is dangerous as it might throw you into something called :fire: dependency hell :fire: .

(And thank you for responding)




also is there a way to change or to know where the files or packages are being installed?

like their file location?

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Please follow @tuxmanjarino 's excellent advice and that’ll answer your question…



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