How do I get windows to display over taskbar?

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The taskbar at the bottom of my screen is always on top of windows. This makes it impossible to use programs that run in windows that cannot be resized since I am unable to click on the items at the bottom of the window with the taskbar in the way.

I have been unable to find an option to change taskbar settings.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

You can move any window by holding the Meta key and dragging the window with the left mouse button. You can resize any window by holding the Meta key and using the right mouse button somewhere roughly near the window border. You can put the window in full-screen mode by pressing either F11 or Shift+F11, depending on the application.

Panel options can be set by right-clicking the desktop and choosing “Enter Edit Mode”, after which right-clicking the panel shows you the available panel settings and options.

And one of those panel options is to control visibiliy, which includes Autohide, Windows can cover or go under.

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Thank you very much.

There are some programs that don’t allow window resizing, so everything you just said helps a lot!

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