How do I get rid of a random blurred rectangle on my desktop?

I do not know why or how or when this happened, but at one point in time I suddenly had a blurry rectangle sitting on my desktop. It doesn’t block anything, apart from visually. So if I click or select the icons underneath it, that just works, but I can’t see the icons well, the cursor is unaffected. It disappears when I turn off blur in Desktop Effects in settings, but reappears when I turn it back on. Does anybody know the cause of this and how it can be fixed?

For some reason I’m not allowed to embed images or add links to images to my post :confused:

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I think it’s probaly an artifact related to either your video driver ─ in which case we’ll need more information; see the quoted post below :arrow_down: ─ or possibly due to scaling. Or maybe both. :thinking:

That said, consumer-grade hardware has no protection against things like atmospheric interference or cosmic rays. It might have been caused by that, and then shutting everything down, waiting for about 10 minutes and booting back up remedies the situation. :wink:

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