How do I get back light theme to recoll?

I have installed recoll in xfce and I have changed recoll to Dark theme and now I can’t return to light theme. The button does not respond.
I have uninstalled and deleted the .recoll folder, but after installing again it keeps in Dark mode.
I post here because I think recoll use QT libraries. I don’t know very much about that.
Help please.

Have you tried changing its appearance with qt5ct?

Since it appears you’re using Xfce, you can use QGnomePlatform (with Adwaita theme) or Qt5Ct as @Aragorn mentioned. You can use either style sheets or use Kvantum. All Qt applications will use the style chosen, no need to use the app theme controls.


For reference, the Recoll GUI preferences are not stored in the index configuration directory but in ~/.config/ (or recoll.conf for older releases). When things go wrong, you can delete the file, or possibly try to edit it.

About qt5ct: recoll displays its results using HTML, not Qt widgets, so changing the Qt preferences will not be enough to switch everything to dark.

I used Kvantum to change the theme. I did not know what was that program for, because I have never used KDE.
Thanks to all.

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