How do i force games to use dGPU instead of iGPU?

In windows you just need to go to graphics settings, locate the game exe, and select high performance. But how do i do that in Linux Manjaro?

Hi @Allistair343,

While I don’t have something like that (I have a desktop with only 1 GPU), I have read about it here.

And at least tell you that it’s not hard,but you need to know whether it’s an AMD or a nvidia GPU. You also need to have the hybrid drivers installed, either the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-*** or the video-hybrid-intel-amd-*** ones. (Take note: The driver names might be incorredc, seeing as don’t have/use it.)

Then you need to edit the command of the application you’re runing, and tell Manjaro to execute the command with prime-run for nvidia or an environment variable, DRI_PRIME=1 for AMD GPUs.

I doubt it will, but I hope it helps!

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