How do I fix the preset resolution settings for Manjaro GNOME?

I am running manjaro GNOME on a Star Labs Labtop MK IV. It seems the preset resolution (1920x1080) just isn’t quite right. The text is just too small for me. I’ve tried turning on the larger text setting under accessibility options but it messes up some of the windows and makes the text unreadable. I’ve also tried setting to a lower resolution under display settings but it makes the image quite fuzzy. Has anyone encountered this and found a way around it? Other distros seem to work fine.

in gnome-tweaks you can set the font.

Have a look here: HiDPI - ArchWiki

Why don’t stick to these Distros, since it seems to works there for you.

I just really like Manjaro over other Distros and want to make it work for my laptop