How do i expand my root partition?


i have 20gb of root in my manjaro, but it filled up and now i need to resize it, and im not sure of how to do that. if it helps, i keep dual boot with windows in my pc.


You can use Gparted (GParted -- Download) or Gparted contained on the Manjaro Iso.

i cant install it. when i try so, it says there’s not enought free disk space

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or Gparted contained on the Manjaro Iso

It is on the live DVD

Resizing a partition that already holds data is tricky and won’t always work, depending on what direction you wish to resize it in.

However, I have written this tutorial below a short while ago, which will help you understand how UNIX works with regard to partitions, and which will help you reuse the freed-up space without having to resize anything. :arrow_down:

When i used “du -sh /mnt/” and “du -sh /mnt/” there were different results, what shoud i do? Is there a way of undoing everything?

I take it that’s a typo?

Then you must have done something wrong, because if you followed my tutorial to the letter, then the two directories should be identical in size.

If you did not delete the contents of /home (as per the last step in the tutorial) then you can simply do it all over again, because nothing has been lost.

I install all my manjaro in one partition.
Part A winC
Part B winD
Part C Manjaro
Part D free
When I want more space fore my Manjaro. Then I use the kpartition in liveCD mode.

I dont know what i did wrong, but i coppied the “big” home, the one that is a partition in its own, so i filled up my spare partition, and i cannot delete everything from the partition for some reason

Can you post the partitioning ?
fdisk -l or the picture from gparted.

already solved it

i tried with /var/ and the spare partition is more then twice as big as the original /var/ folder after i coppied.

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