How do I "disable linux desktop and switch to text interface "?

Hi! I have recently installed Davinci Resolve 17 on Manjaro but fails to boot up with “Unsupported GPU Processing Mode”

I’m trying to update the NVIDIA driver mentioned in the instructions hoping that it’d fix the problem.

I tried to follow their download instruction and was confused at the “Update instructions for updating the NVIDIA driver” at “3.You need to disable the Linux desktop and switch to a text interface. Type : init 3” I have searched a few info and everyone said that Manjaro uses systemd.

How can I get this done? And is there any other way to fix this problem? Thanks for your attention.

I’d recommend against manually installing GPU drivers, and stick with mhwd (GUI) for managing them.

Unfortunately it seems DaVinci Resolve is tricky to use on Linux. The little guidance i found points to using proprietary GPU and OpenCL drivers:


It turned out I was missing OpenCL drivers. Thank so much for pointing out :smiley:

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