How do I create a wiki post in the forum?

I want to create a forum thread with a post being able to be edited by community members just like [Stable Update] 2021-10-16 - Haskell, Python, KDE Gear, KDE Framework, Thunderbird - #2 by philm

What are all possible ways to do it?


I seem to recall that you have to be a TL3 for that ─ you are currently still a TL2.

The procedure is simple, though. You create a new thread, and then you click the three dots at the bottom of your post, which will reveal a wrench icon. If you click that, then there will be an option “Make Wiki”. :wink:


Can I ask you or anybody else to make the specific post of How to check a user session type (Wayland / X11) you are using on KDE to be changed to wiki post so it could be maintained by several people having different DE or if somebody will lost connection with the community website to maintain/update it (caused by censorship of dictatorship countries, some other unpredictable incidents or even death), please?

It’s already in the #contributions:tutorials section, so in theory it already should have been a wiki post. Either way, it is now.


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