How do I clear TigerVNC viewer's visited hosts list?

How do I clear TigerVNC viewer’s visited hosts list?

I am referring to the tiny login screen with heading “VNC Viewer: Connection Details.” Next to the display of the default host (server) information, there is a downward pointing triangle. Clicking that will give you the list of all the hosts you ever connected to.

I got as far as the directory ~/.vnc and looked in each file there, but no visited hosts list. Thanks.

I would it is located in your home and a such you could try to locate the hostname

grep -rl 'hostname' /home/$USER

but you would likely find it in ~/.vnc/tigervnc.history

It was just where you said it would be, and I must have done a sloppy job opening files and looking in.

Also, I experimented with your sample command and used (because I knew any host address would have 5901 in it):

grep -rl '5901' /home/luna/.vnc

And that too gave me the right results.

Thank you so much!

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