How do I clean unnecessary directories

Hi. Every time I uninstall a program, it leaves its directory on my home dir(Lutris left .lutris, wine left .wine etc..). How do I clean that unnecessary dirs automatically?

In general, you can't do it automatically.

So, I have to do it manually, you say. But what if they leave some other directories, or do they?

That depends on the program. In general, uninstalling a program should not touch your home directory.

It is a convention that programs store settings in ~/.config directory, and most programs obey that convention. However, some programs do not, and leave their settings all over the place. There is no universal way to find those files, it has to be done on an per program basis (usually, that means manually).

9 out of 10 times, they are either in your home directory directly (like .nanorc for Nano), or in ~/.config. Some programs, especially system utilities, store config files in /etc (those will typically get removed when you uninstall such a program, but not always).

Okey, then. I have used just a small group of programs that I gave some of their names. They made me a bit curious and I needed to ask. Thank you.

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