How do I chroot into existing system to create a partion

i want to create a 3 gb swap partition. how to chroot through live session to do that??

To create a partition, you need free (unused) disk space.
If you don’t have any free space, you need to shrink a partition - to create that space that will then become the swap partition.

Much easier is:
create a swap file.

You don’t need chroot for any of this.


You do not need to chroot in order to create a partition, provided that you have enough free space on your drive to do so.

thanks a lot. after lot of research i think i should go with swap file only as it has lesser risk and is easier too.

during installation (if selected) does manjaro create a swap file or partition??

That is left to the choice of the user. :slight_smile:

it would be rather pointless to offer a selection when what you (s)elect to happen … doesn’t happen :wink:

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