How do I add folders to the icons folder?, along with give root perms to user

Whack question but basically I want to be able to add a folder in the /usr/share/icons area and work on adding some custom mouse cursors specifically. I tried using visudo to edit the /etc/sudoers to make sure that user had all perms, but that didnt change anything. I tried using the KDE store that you are directed to if you click upload your own and going to add product gave a no perms error. So, im at a loss on what to do to be able to freely edit any folder as my user which there is only 1 of set up.

Also why by default is user locked out of various files and folders. I get there is some security, but why say am I locked out of the folder for cursor options and unable to give myself the perms to edit it even with sudo and the sudoers listing user as having the same perms as root.

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Use ~/.local/share/icons/ instead, in your home directory.

Because are system folders and files. Make sure you read this to understand more:

In a nutshell, t is so for the same safety reason why we can’t poke our pineal gland with out fingers … :exploding_head:

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Ah I see ty, by chance know the other half which is how to make a custom cursor? I have the zip file of icons I used back on windows and can’t seem to find anything about how to convert it over to the type of file needed.

That is a different topic, but might want to see this

Or convert windows icons to linux might give some results on how to do what you want.

welp back to square one. havent messed around with hard setting the cursor yet till I get the one I want going. As for googling and looking around, been doing that haven’t had any success. Trying icotool and while i got my cur to png cant get icotool to create anything let alone recognize the png

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