How do I add exact package version as ignored to be updated to?

Hi, community!

I got the package update and that new version has bug.
I downgraded the package to prev. version without bug.

We know, to ignore package updates we can edit /etc/pacman.conf (described on the pacman.conf(5)) or pamac’s GUI (Preferences → Advanced → Ignored upgrades).

But how we could to do smart ignore:
to ignore exact package version(s), but to let to update to any further/higher ones?

Payload in my case:
newer package versions could contain bug fix, but in the same time to exclude exact know-to-be-bad version(s).


AFAIK you can’t. If it’s ignored as IgnorePkg, or even IgnoreGroup, then it’s ignored. Full stop. To change, you’d have to remove it from IgnorePkg or IgnoreGroup manually and test it yourself.

This also forces you to pay more attention to what’s happening on your system.

There is no such thing as a “smart ignore” on arch. When some ignored package won’t be updated and some other new packages will depend on new version of ignored package, you can expect non-working packages and in worst case a broken system.

Ok, thanks for the “AFAIK no” answers.

Someone please post your idea or even solution, if you know how to try to do it.

You can “ignore” a package - or not.

If you ignore it and things still all are working: good

If things start to break
you have to bite the bullet and not ignore that package anymore.

Can’t be automated (made “smart”)
… you are the smart one :wink:
don’t source that one out …

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Very simple, don’t ignore any package update.

Ignoring some package updates and installing others is always the wrong thing to do. The smart thing to do, is to update everything or nothing. No exceptions.

If you need to stay with a specific versions of applications, you have chosen the wrong distribution model.