How deoccupy 6379 port?

hello, can sobebody help in such situation?:
i need to run container with redis, but it fails because port 6379 is ocupied by regular redis what is showed by commmand:
cat /etc/services | grep 6379
redis 6379/tcp
but when i try to remove redis in system with pamac remove redis, i have message:
Error: target not found: redis
can i deoccupy port 6379?

That means the redis package is not installed on your system.
Please see Redis - ArchWiki

ok, but can I deoccupy port?

First make sure you did not installed redis from a different source, hence that one is taking the default port. Then follow the wiki …

You can test with ss -tunapl (maybe with sudo) to check which ports are opened by which application and the act accordingly.