How connect projector to Manjaro KDE?

so, i change XFCE to KDE and after that my projector cant connect through HDMI - just black screen on my projector. i dont understand why - win+p doesnt help, i think that KDE didnt see my projector, so where i can try to find it. help me pls understand cuz i dont understand what happend and what need to be fixed.

xrandr --listmonitors                                                                                                                        ✔ 
Monitors: 1
 0: +*eDP-1 1920/340x1080/190+0+0  eDP-1

figure out that my KDE on DellG15 didnt see hdmi at all. still dont understand what hapend)

What did you see in dmesg when you plug the projector in? Also, is this on a laptop with dual graphics? Can you ensure to which GPU the HDMI port is wired in? If to dGPU, is it enabled?

sry for late answer, work a lot this mounth.

  1. see nothing - controllers, ears - everything, but notprojector
  2. yeap - dual graphics
  3. i dont know how i can know that. try hybrid state at optimus-manager - but the same results

im confused, why reinstallation from xfce to kde did this with my HDMI