How come Nvidia's VRR implementation works with multiple displays but AMD's doesn't?

Basically the title. I recently switched from an Nvidia GPU to AMD and noticed that FreeSync only works if I unplug my second non-VRR monitor. With Nvidia this was never an issue.
I was always under the impression that the open-source drivers for AMD cards were better that the Nvidia proprietary ones. Maybe I’m missing something. It’s kinda hard finding and answer with the forum corrupting and everything.

iirc, to use FreeSync, the program has to be able to cover all of X. So FreeSync + multiple monitors doesn’t work in X. Alternatively, run a different X server on each monitor would work. You won’t be able to move things between monitors though. Personally haven’t heard NVIDIA working with multi monitiors + freesync on Linux.

Wayland is fixing this though.

Thanks for the answer. I guess it’s time for me to try Wayland.

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