How come app icons don't show up?

Yesterday I installed Manjaro Phosh on my Pinephone for the first time in a while, and I’m impressed. Mobian generally worked, but this is more polished, much snappier, and the battery life is killin’ it.

Buuuut, when I install some apps through the Add/Remove app, the icon never shows up in the app-tray. For example, Yubikey Authenticator works fine except that the icon never shows up. I have to open it through teh Add/Remove app. I searched around but I haven’t seen a solution yet.

Is there a good fix to make the icons show up, or create them manually?

Make sure you don’t have the “only show adaptive apps” checkbox checked.

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Sorry, but I’m new to Manjaro: Where can I find that checkbox?

When the app drawer is showing, press the “hamburger menu” at the top. Disable the Setting “Show only adaptive apps”.

A reboot may be required for it to take effect.

It’s actually a kebab menu (Three dots stacked vertically). A hamburger menu looks like…well, a hamburger. Three stacked horizontal lines. :wink:

@Strit @Yochanan, thank you! That was exactly it!

On on Phosh, its three lines stacked. :wink:

You’re right. I was thinking of the Add/Remove Software menu for some reason. :crazy_face: