How can update my sudo version in manjaro i3

Hlw i am using manjaro i3. my sudo version is 1.9.4p2. Now i want update my sudo version. so please me How can i update my sudo version. and using letest version in sudo.

You should just be able to update normally using sudo pacman -Syyu

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sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && pacman -Syyu

I want update Sudo manually

I want update sudo version manually

If you have to ask for advice on how to update it outside of the scope of the package manager ─ which is guaranteed to lead to problems in the foreseeable future ─ then you shouldn’t even try.

Use the method provided for by the other posters on this thread. All mirrors should by now be carrying the updated sudo package, so simply issue… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syu

… and be done with it.


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