How can I work with the KDE development ISO?

Hi Community,
how can i work with the

to create a bootable ISO for Etcher or rufus?
I want to boot the developer Build version live via USB stick.


Problem solved

The GitHub development releases are split ZIP files.

Download both the .z01 and .zip file and extract the .zip.

Note that this will definitely need to be tested, confirmed, and if confirmed written in the WIKI or download page, that RUFUS can NOT create Manjaro USB anymore, since its update where it doesn’t have the DD option to manually select (it is now an automated process).

Where are you getting that from? The Rufus developer forced DD mode when it detects a Manjaro ISO.

So that may be new, because from experience, mine and others, after writing Manjaro ISO with Rufus, it boot to a grub error. It was working great two years ago, then it stopped working after an update like last year.