How can i use fawkes-bin or fawkes-git

Its probably not too hard, but i dont get it. So Fawkes is a tool for cloaking images and with the command fawkes -d ./imgs --mode low i should be able to do that. But then this is popping up:

Identify 0 files in the directory
Identify 0 images in the directory
No images in the directory

So how do I get images in the directory
if i do which fawkes its in /usr/bin/fawkes but yeah.

Thanks in advance

Do you run the command inside the Folder you have the images?
We know as much as they have on their documentation GitHub - Shawn-Shan/fawkes: Fawkes, privacy preserving tool against facial recognition systems. More info at

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Yes i do, thank you. I already read that.

So, side question, which of the two accounts on the forum you want to keep?

The one with the one s, sry i didnt even know i had two accounts. I accidently logged into my “old” account that i didnt know existed. So it would be in my favor, please delete that one if possible.

Regarding the topic, do you have any other ideas?

you told him to both keep and delete the account. While it might be possible to assume what you mean, maybe try to word your answer correctly?