How can I switch system to 12-hour clock (manjaro MATE)?

The panel clock has an obvious setting, but system "Time and Date" does not. Apps such as gnome-clocks and weather seem to be defaulting to 24-hour clock.

Thanks for any help you can give!

You mean this


is not working for you when right click on Time Panel > Preferences


is resetting back to 24h format ?

Thanks for the reply. The panel clock is fine--I am able to choose 12 hour there and it is persistent, however it does not seem to be a system-wide change as desktop apps such as gnome clocks and weather still show time in 24 hour format. I thought there might be a global option in Manjaro Settings "Time and Date" (see screen shot), but I'm not finding it.

you may need to edit region and language settings to achieve that. I don't recall if MATE allows such granular control as it's been a while since I used it but that's where I'd start looking.

Thanks, and that's a good thought...but there don't seem to be any other options in the drop-downs here.

Not Manjaro Settings Manager, MATE's own settings.

Hmmm. I am not seeing anything in the MATE settings either. Thanks for the suggestion though.