How can I stop the automatic updates?

I am using the Manjaro Live in a VirtualBox VM for testing some software. Currently I have a very slow Internet connection. After every start Manjaro searches for new updates, but during this time my Internet is unusable. How can I stop the automatic updates?

It does not do any updates. It just searches for new updates. It does not install anything unless you tell it too. This is not Windows. :wink:


Ok, but this search uses a lot of data and slows down my Internet connection. Can I avoid it?

Yes. Disconnect the PC from the internet before booting it.

Well, I need the Internet in the Manjaro VM. So this is not a solution.

You can turn off the Pamac timer in it’s settings.

How can I do it?

pamac-tray download database for test if we have update, we can change interval in pamac “preferences” or etc/pamac.conf

## How often to check for updates, value in hours (0 to disable):
RefreshPeriod = 0
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OK. But first I need to change the property rights of the pamac.conf file. How can I do it?

Just go to add/remove software preferences and toggle off the “check for updates”


You don’t do that. You use Kate which will ask for sudo password when saving, or you use terminal application with sudo to edit the file.

Or you could just join the year 2021 and get an Internet connection that is not slow.

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To be fair this is not something people have control over. You can’t decide to have more bandwidth.

all these settings advice, does it really apply to him since he is running Manjaro Live in virtualBox unless of course he has persistence enabled, that is if it is possible in a VM

To avoid network usage cause by the Live ISO - Install Manjaro in the virtual machine

When you have installed Manjaro you can disable the update checks.