How can I stop fsck?

Yes but I want to see them if there is something important ?
or it will show the important messages there ?

TNX brahma

It does not matter whether the messages are important or not. The redirection will apply to all messages.

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Like @Aragorn said earlier, and I’ll reiterate again: just leave it all alone, as it was before you were concerned about seeing “fsck messages”.

Your computer will boot normally, like always.

Just ignore the “fsck message” if it really bothers you. (Or look away.)

Trying to dive into the nitty-gritty to shave off a few seconds from the bootup time may not even be worth the stress involved, let alone the back-and-forth comparisons of “before” and “after”.

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ok so is there a way to see them or I go and cancel redirecting?

I’ve already told you that. :arrow_down:

As @winnie said… :arrow_down:

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TNX all of you


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