How can i sloved that with winetricks

sameh@sameh Desktop]$ winetricks
warning: You are using a 64-bit WINEPREFIX. Note that many verbs only install 32-bit versions of packages. If you encounter problems, please retest in a clean 32-bit WINEPREFIX before reporting a bug.
Using winetricks 20230212-next - sha256sum: 0f7e30aee05ab6747ef0d6a089830b91f90a4f70534b6ec581e75ef1eb71fa68 with wine-8.8 (Staging) and WINEARCH=win64
No arguments given, so tried to start GUI, but neither zenity
nor kdialog were found. Please install one of them if you want
a graphical interface, or run with --help for more options.
[sameh@sameh Desktop]$

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Hello @samehjacobs :wink:

I know it’s easy to just throw stuff on the forums and even though the problem is trivial, remember this forum is public. Please follow the forum rules:


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iam sorry

Since post has tags for 2 different desktops:

  • If you are using Xfce install zenity: pamac install zenity
  • If you are using KDE, install kdialog: pamac install kdialog