How can I see which GPU an application (ex. a game) is using?

I’m trying to run Terraria and Minecraft/MultiMC on my GTX 1060 GPU. Using nvidia non-free drivers.

I investigated the command for Terraria on Htop, and it seems I’ve made the correct solution by telling Steam to launch Terraria with prime-run %command%. In Htop, it shows: /bin/bash /usr/bin/prime-run /home/username/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria/Terraria

But I’m unsure if what I did was correct, so I still want to know if there’s a way to know whether a process is using the GPU or not. And even then, did I need to add prime-run or was it already switching to Nvidia on its own?

PS. I’m not sure how to format in-line code or code-blocks properly, sorry if there’s a mess. I used markdown.

That is highly unlikely.

You can check the processes which use the NVIDIA GPUs in the machine with nvidia-smi.

I checked, and it wasn’t switching on its own/without prime-run. The Intel card was doing well, somehow. 60 fps at all times, but it didn’t like that I turned off the Steam overlay.

Thank You! That works.

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