How can I reset the printer settings on Manjaro?

When I installed Manjaro GNOME a few months ago, my printer worked fine. Now, however, possibly due to an update, it no longer appears in the “Print” dialogue. To send the printer a request, it simply contacts another computer on my network, which then forwards the request to the printer. If this PC is off, logically I cannot print anything.
How can I solve this problem of not being able to see the printer? As I said, I believe that this problem has been caused by an update. In any case, I have not changed anything in the settings. Maybe resetting the printer settings (via Cups) will also help. If so, how does this work?

Which update was it?

How is your cups service called? There was an update that renamed the service files.

Something similar happened to me on cinnamon, it was either the last update or one before. I had to delete the printer from settings and then rescan the network and add it again. Works fine now

Is cups still running properly?