How can i replace graphic driver?

How can i replace the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee driver with the the video-nvidia-390xx driver?

But what happens if I remove the bumblebee driver, can I continue to use the system

Don’t mean to hi-jack the thread but a question. Is that just for Manjaro or will it work on any Arch based distro? There is a distro I want to test out but the dev on the next release is going to messa only and suggest those that want the nVidia drivers install them themselves. It’s been more than a good while since I’ve had to manually install the nVidia drives and don’t really remember much about how to do it. Thanks

That’s coming in 12 days… All I meant was that in Calamares no more Drivers/Package selection… Making it completely offline, with a post-install app installer tool that will have a ton of curated packages by me, no drivers on ISO or tool, that will be completely up to you to figure out… Only thing that will be included out the box is PipeWire as default audio… And mesa open source video drivers to get you started.

AFAIK switching drivers requires a reboot to be taken into account.
If you don’t want to remove the driver before installing the new one, you could install the new one before removing the old one.

That documentation applies to Manjaro. I spot mhwd-* in AUR, but i can’t say if it works exactly the same…

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Ok, i’ll try this thanks.