How can I prevent manjaro from removing the arch linux boot entry upon future updates

I currently dual boot Arch linux and manjaro on my computer using systemd-boot, but today I ran into a small issue: upon updating manjaro today, it removed the archlinux.conf file in /boot/loaders/entries. I was able to manually add it back by just copying the manjaro config and using it to make the arch one, but I would like to avoid having to do that every single time the kernal gets updated in an update. Any suggestions on what I could do?

You would have to remove the package systemd-boot-manager and maintain the entries by hand.

You could also take a look at the config in /etc/sdboot-manage.conf suit your specific use case.

If you’d rather keep the package set the option NO_AUTOGEN=“yes” in the config.

e.g. change




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