How can I partition and extend partitions that have a partition it between them?

So I've made a dumb mistake when partitioning my system, and it's coming back to haunt me. I want to resize my windows partition by 100GB and merge it into my ext4 , but unfortunately, mylinux-swap` partition is in the way. How can I move them around?

Ooh, a logic puzzle. Fairly easy answer though.

  1. Shrink Windows partition
  2. Move Swap to the left
  3. Resize ext4 partition

I'm unsure what is meant by the above statement. Sounds like you want to remove ext4. Or extend part of ext4 into ntfs.

I want to resize my ntfs partition down, leaving 100GB unallocated. I then want to merge that unallocated space into my ext4

I'm actually unsure what you mean by moving swap to the left. If you could clarify what you mean, I'd appreciate it

The swap partition. Move it. To the left. Using gparted.


After you resize the Windows partition you will be left with some "free" space. You can literally drag the swap partition to the left to move it to the left.

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