How can I install packages offline? Where to get them from?

I am trying to install drivers for a wifi USB adapter, but I need dkms, linux-headers-generic and build-essential for that. I cannot find a source to download these packages to bring them to the Manjaro system from other OS.

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Easiest would be to connect your device with either Ethernet or a USB tethering device.

Have you tried tethering your phone and using the phones internet connection?


Packages can be installed from cli with pacman -U command, or from filemanager with pamac.

But using USB tethering is much easier. Also building packages on live system is a not a good idea. Install first, then build your packages on installed system.

That’s a Debian package. Here we have the base-devel group. Have you found a .deb package for the driver? If so, it cannot be installed directly.

What’s the make and model of the adapter? What happens when you connect it? You’re going to need the internet either way.

He said he needed there kernel headers ( not possible to find if it’s kernel is already updated in repos) and dkms then he certainly gonna build it from source. It’s why i think headers should be installed by default…

Or he will have to download all kernel related package (kernel, header and extra modules and maybe nvidia) from repos before trying to build the driver.

Phone connection tethering is the easiest if he can

I agree this is a catch 22 situation - wifi driver needed for internet, can’t get internet without wifi driver. I wonder if it is common enough problem that a better solution could be worked out.

Just spent a lot of time trying to get D-Link DWA 171 rev 1c (rtl8821cu) to work on fresh install without internet connection, and failed.

With online access I found terminal installation of headers (required for building (and adding?) modules) worked best, using:

sudo pacman -S linux-headers