How can I install Manjaro without Calamares?

Hi, i need to make a clean install without calamares … how i do that ? … if you download all the packages how do you install it ? … or how i can install all packages in the bootable usb in my pc without CALAMARES ?

If you have all the packages in a single location… :arrow_down:

cd /path/to/packages && sudo pacman -U *
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Question has been asked before - so please use the search function.

If your topic is more like a complete from scratch installation (as @omano points to) you can combine above topic with below installation guide.

You can access the squashfs but there is no packages only a readonly filesystem and

Warning: SquashFS does not support Access Control Lists.[1] - Full system backup with SquashFS - ArchWiki


I think he means installing Manjaro without using the installer.


you also may look into

Exactly … WITHOUT the installer, do it by shell or tty !

I intend install manjaro i3 community version manually without any installer … !

I can do that using the USB ISO ?
Extracting from there all the packages, and then install it ?

Here’s a guide on how to install Manjaro using basestrap like Arch Linux. Mind that it’s not a supported way of doing things suitable for advanced users only.

Ok, i don’t like manjaro using calamares to install its versions … obviously !

Ok thanks for.the usefull help online ! LordTermor

But… can i extract all the packages from the iso install inside the bootable USB ?

I want extract all the manjaro files from the bootable stick and reinstalled on my pc !

How i extract them from the bootable USB ?

How i install them on my pc ?

Without a installer … !

Do it by may owens hands

Really if you help me … i lot appreciate it !

Very thanks !

OK, Dude(ette)!

I don’t consider myself too much of a beginner, and I wouldn’t attempt it.

I also wouldn’t ever recommend it for anybody, beginner or not.

I’m thinking if you have to ask around here, you’re not ready, especially considering there are actual answers here.

If you still wish to continue, see @linux-aarhus’ answer:

Nobody suggested it, but maybe even if it is not officially supported anymore (as far as I understand, since there is no ISO released for it), Manjaro architect may also work for him I guess? I see there is still an ISO profile in Manjaro’s Gitlab so the user could probably use this tutorial Building your custom Manjaro ISO via Github Actions CI - YouTube to build his own Architect ISO and use it?

Maybe use Calamares, as that is the installer for the ISOs you might have downloaded. Else you can use alma to create a bootable USB stick which you can transfer frugal to a HDD.

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@linux-aarhus and @LordTermor already gave you two of the best answers for your question. Please read their procedures carefully if you still want to go ahead with a manual installation.

This question has been resolved and should be marked as such. Please open new threads for specific issues you may have going forward.

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