How can I install Manjaro inside a single ext4 image in NTFS partition?

I heard there is a way to install Linux inside “.img” file which is set as ext4 diskimage by DD command and mount as virtual partition to install.
I will then manually configure grub to boot from that diskimage.

The thing is, I don’t wanna install it inside ext4 partition. I need it to be NTFS for lots of reason.

I also found Manjaro live USB doen’t support persistent mode. If it had, that would be fine.
But my goal is to keep the OS inside NTFS filesystem by any means.

I heard people were successful installing Ubuntu that way. I like Manjaro a lot more than any debian distribution. I think there should be a way. But, how?


No Live System supports persistence by default, but there are ways to make it persistent.
Something to read:

from archived forum:


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