How can I get Unity running with VSCode as editor on Manjaro?

True but if I can’t even get vscode to work with C# in general on Linux I can’t imagine adding Unity into the mix.

I hope you’re right.

@moson @cscs So, I didn’t want to muck around with /etc/environment right off the bat, so the method i tried was to launch unity with the following command;

FrameworkPathOverride=/lib/mono/4.7.1-api/ unityhub

This didn’t work when launching VSCode from unity, so I figured it also needed to be launched with the envar set. So I went into the folder of the unity project and then did-

FrameworkPathOverride=/lib/mono/4.7.1-api/ code

And I got the same results with a different error message that was excitingly long, and that i have no idea how to begin to decipher-

Heck I would love to try this myself but I don’t have a license :wink:

Do have these installed from the AUR?



If Omnisharp is still showing errors when opening vscode, go back in ‘External tools’ (in Unity) and try regenerating the assembly files’.

@moson I didn’t, but after installing them, I get a similar lengthy error- Starting OmniSharp server at 9/15/2020, 11:38:39 AM Target: /home/gstarr/Do -

Same error msg actually. Maybe try without the env var also.

And did you try:

If that won’t work I’m pretty much out of ideas I must say.

btw. I edited the topic title if you don’t mind…

Neither of those seem to work :frowning: So I guess I won’t be doing Unity dev for the time being…

I’m sure you already did this but just wanted to double-check. Did you check out the arch wiki article on unity?

Yep- didn’t help me :frowning: