How can I format my SSD disk

I have installed manjaro kde plasma to my freedos thinkpad and now I want to Format my SSD and install any OS. (Probably Manjaro again) How can I do that?

If you still have your installation media (i.e USB-stick), boot it up and format yor ssd with GParted (in the menu of your booted live-image).
A new install of any OS will also erase your complete ssd, if you choose so.
Up to you.

@realbutterletto Edited: @omano is correct. In your case it is not GParted, it is

Sorry but I don’t understand what did you mean by “(in the menu)”
In the usb drive manjaro menu or in the OS’ menu?

To be fair the first message of this thread is not clear at all.

You want to format which SSD? the SSD of your freedos thinkpad? Then select to erase the disk in the installation of ‘any OS’, it will format it.
If it is a secondary SSD, then do it from your current Manjaro KDE installation, with KDE Partition Manager.


It is the default SSD which has Manjaro installed in it
I just want to erase everything on it and reinstall any os. Btw, in the manjaro kde installation doesn’t have a disk format option on it like windows. Or I miss it somehow

Most installation media should provide an option to erase the whole drive and replace with the OS you want to install.
If you only want to format or change the partitioning of a drive, you can use a partitioning tool such as gparted, which AFAIK is also included in all Manjaro ISOs (except maybe Architect).

You are correct, gparted is not part of plasma.

as I wrote

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As already stadate by @banjo @omano and @maycne.sonahoz “Any OS” allows you to completely wipe the disk before install.

If you insist on doing this manually from Manjaro before you install “Any OS”, that is possible by:

  • Booting your Manjaro Live KDE USB
  • go to KDE Partition Manager
  • Right-click the SSD
  • Choose New Partition Table
  • Choose GPT for UEFI systems or MS-Dos for BIOS-based systems.
  • Click Create new partition table
  • Apply transaction
  • Shut down
  • Remove USB stick

Voilà! Completely empty machine!


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