How can I force unpin Budgie Desktop Settings from Icon Task List applet?


I’m new here. I’ve been using Manjaro either with Gnome or with Budgie for a year now.

I have a small issue in Manjaro Budgie with the Icon Task List applet in budgie panel.

My problem is that I can’t seem to remove the “Launch Budgie Desktop Settings” from the sticking apps. Contrary to other icons, there is no star to unpin it (or + to launch a new instance), just a greyed out close all instances (I have no instances running though).

I know how to remove favorite apps from the Icon Task List, so this is not the problem here (just in case).

I looked into the .desktop file but didn’t see anything relevant compared to other apps. And I don’t have this in Ubuntu Budgie for example.

I can easily right click on the desktop to launch these settings, it takes a useless spot in the panel and that specific icon doesn’t look good in my theme. So I would really want it not being pinned at all times.

Any idea how I could force remove it so that it works as other non favorite icons (appear only when used)?